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As we take to the road in a car or on a motorcycle, we trust that fellow drivers will adhere to traffic rules and drive considerately, mindful of others. Sadly, in Orange County, many car accident fatalities result from drivers who are careless, over-speeding, or impaired by substances. Many of them are either distracted, without a legal driving license, or lack adequate insurance coverage. 

If you’ve been involved in a serious car crash in Orange County and need to file a personal injury claim, call Libra Law Firm at (888) 565-3214. We’re offering a free consultation to discuss your options with an experienced car accident attorney (Orange County, CA).

Types of Car Accidents in Orange County, CA

These are some of the kinds of auto accident cases we handle:

  • Head-on Collisions
  • Rear-end Crashes
  • Rollover Accidents
  • Side-impact Collisions (usually known as T-bone crashes)
  • Off-road Crashes.

Regardless of the type of car crash you’ve had – whether it looks straightforward or complex – it’s wise to get an attorney’s help. Auto insurance companies are known to downplay injuries in order to minimize victims’ settlements. Protect your rights and entitlements by calling Libra Law’s car accident lawyer in Orange County, CA.

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents

It’s unfortunate but car accidents often stem from neglectful actions like tailgating, alcohol-impaired driving, being distracted at the wheel, speeding, or simply not adhering to traffic rules. There could also be situations where manufacturing flaws cause an accident, leading to vehicle rollovers or other major crashes.

In addition, elements like hazardous road conditions are common causes of car accidents. Unfortunately, the most gruesome car accidents occur due to a combination of hazardous road situations and driver recklessness.

Impaired Driving

Consuming alcohol can significantly impair driving skills. Despite rules and reminders against drunk-driving, Orange County still caught more than 9,000 DUI drivers in 2019 alone.

Driving While Distracted

Activities like texting, eating, or even chatting with fellow passengers can lead to disastrous accidents.

Negligent Driving

Rash lane swaps, incorrect turns, or overall discourtesy can cause an injurious car accident. These are all too common on California roads.

Excessive Speed

Speed limits are set for a reason. Going too fast reduces a driver’s reaction time.

Wet Roads

Wet roads can be deceptive and slippery. It’s best to drive slow and steady during rain or snow.


Those pesky potholes can catch you unawares and cause a loss of vehicle control. Always watch out for them.

Ignoring Traffic Rules  

Ignoring traffic signals, stop signs, and speed limits puts everyone’s lives in peril.


Drivers must maintain an ample buffer between their car and the vehicle ahead to help avert a potential car wreck.

These actions may result in a car crash with severe injuries. If you or a family member was injured and another person caused the accident, reach out to us at Libra Law Firm. Our top-notch personal injury lawyers in Orange County are here to help you claim compensation for your medical bills and lost income.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County Proves Liability

To win in an auto accident injury claim in California, your Orange County auto accident attorney must prove the four elements of a negligence claim:

  1. Duty of care. Your lawyer must identify the party at fault in the accident and prove that this party had a legal obligation to exercise care towards you.
  2. Breach of duty. Your lawyer must furnish proof of the defendant’s violation of their duty of care. This entails substantiating, for example, that the defendant was distracted, was impaired by drugs or alcohol, or committed a traffic violation that directly contributed to the accident.
  3. Damages. You need to present your medical bills, any property damage, and the emotional distress caused by the accident to illustrate just how damaging the negligence has been. If this unfortunate event has made you miss work, it’s also important you provide documents reflecting the amount of income you’ve lost.
  4. Causation. Your attorney needs to demonstrate that the losses you’re claiming came directly from the defendant’s negligence, ruling out any other potential cause.

If your personal injury lawyer manages to demonstrate these four components of negligence successfully in court, chances are quite high that you, as the plaintiff, will come out victorious in your case. Get in touch with a competent Orange County car accident attorney today.

Typical Auto Accident Injuries in Orange County

While each car accident unfolds uniquely, auto collisions frequently lead to severe injuries for those involved in the accident. Among the most common types of injuries from severe car accidents are:

  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries, which can range from minor to life-threatening
  • Whiplash
  • Aortic dissection (rupture of the heart’s aorta)
  • Permanent scarring and/or disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries, which may result in either temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputations
  • Internal bleeding or internal organ damage
  • Death.

Were you involved in a car accident that caused injuries like these? Know that you may be compensated for your medical expenses and more. Speak to our experienced Orange County car accident attorney at Libra Law.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents in Orange County

What do I do following a car accident in Orange County?

Here are steps to take right after you get into a car accident in Orange County.

Seek Medical Help

Dial 911 and ensure you get medical help immediately. From this point onwards, keep all your medical documentation, including your prognosis regarding your recovery, to validate your injuries.

Gather Information

If there are any eyewitnesses, take down their names, phone numbers, and addresses. Such details can prove invaluable when your lawyers set out to build a strong case on your behalf.

Exchange Personal Details

Make a note of the other driver’s name, phone number, home address, driver’s license number, vehicle registration number (plate number), and insurance details.

Take Photos and Videos of the Accident Scene

Document the scene of the accident with photographs and video footage, capturing various angles of the car wreckage, all vehicles involved, and any personal injuries. These images can support your cause for recovery of damages later on. Also note the location, date, and time of the accident.

Call an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

Reach out to Libra Law Firm’s experienced car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Our priority is to protect you from costly mistakes immediately after the crash, and to help you get compensated for medical bills, lost earnings, and other damages.

Report the Accident

You’ll want to make a crash report with the police or highway patrol, as this document may help your case later on. Ask for a copy of the finished report.

In addition, under California law, you must report to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) any accident that involves injury (no matter how minor), fatality, or property damage exceeding $1,000.

Only Call Your Insurance Provider After Seeing Your Lawyer

You’ll have to get in touch with insurance companies to discuss the accident, but it’s best that you first seek legal counsel. Insurance companies often employ cunning strategies to try to settle for less than what the accident victim truly deserves.

Before you engage with an insurance company or provide them with any written or recorded statements about your car crash, contact our Orange County car accident attorney at Libra Law Firm. We are committed to ensuring your legal rights are safeguarded.

Am I entitled to claim compensation after a car accident?

Car accidents often result in losses that can quickly escalate. If you were affected by such an incident, it’s important to understand the extensive burden your car accident may impose. Several financial and personal aspects can be covered in your compensation claim if your vehicle accident injuries resulted from the other driver’s negligence. These may include:

  • Your current medical bills
  • Your potential future costs for treatment and care related to the accident
  • Lost earnings that account for income you’ve already lost and future work prospects that may be affected
  • Pain, suffering, and emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life.

To increase your chances of a favorable settlement in a personal injury lawsuit, you need a personal injury lawyer who is ready to advocate for the complete compensation you deserve.

Is there a time limit for auto accident cases in California?

In California, the statute of limitations (time frame) for filing a car accident injury claim is normally two years from the date of the accident. This means that if you need to file a lawsuit, you must file it within that two-year time span. However, if the defendant is a public entity, such as a government office, this duration might be shorter.

Consult with a seasoned car accident attorney Orange County as soon as possible to safeguard your injury claim.

How much can I get in an Orange County auto collision claim? 

There are several elements to consider when figuring out the car accident settlement you may receive. Here’s a brief rundown of factors that might impact your car accident compensation:

  • The emotional trauma
  • Existing medical bills you might owe
  • Projected future hospital expenses and healthcare costs
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Mental distress
  • Lost income (past and projected future)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages
  • Disability adjustments
  • Car repairs or replacement cost
  • Compensation for wrongful death.

Every personal injury claim is unique. For instance, a car accident victim with a minor injury like a sprained back might likely receive less compensation compared to someone with a severe injury such as an amputated leg.

The experienced car accident attorneys at Libra Law Firm in Orange County can help determine the full settlement you deserve. We’ll take into account the many ways your accident has affected your life, including the physical, financial, and emotional. We’re ready to fight on your behalf to obtain maximum compensation.

Do I need an Orange County car accident attorney?

California law does not require personal injury lawyers in automobile accident claims, but in real-world situations, it can be crucial to hire an Orange County car crash attorney.

Injured claimants who are not represented by a lawyer typically receive settlements that are much less than they deserve. Sadly, many find their car accident claims rejected by insurers, with no know-how on car accident law or other legal options.

A nationwide survey by Martindale found that car accident victims obtained much bigger compensation with a personal injury attorney than without. The difference was as much as $60,000 on average.

How much does an Orange County car accident lawyer cost?

Acknowledging that a car accident lawyer can help, many claimants ask, “How much is a personal injury attorney’s fee?” At Libra Law Firm, we use a contingency fee system where you won’t have to pay attorney fees unless and until we win your case. Our fees will only be a portion of the compensation we win for you. We also provide a free consultation. You risk nothing when you enlist our Orange County personal injury services.

How Our Car Accident Attorney in Orange County Can Help

Our personal injury attorneys at the Libra Law Firm are highly competent in car accident cases. From the moment you consult with us, we’ll provide sound legal guidance to protect your potential legal claim. We’ll assess your situation to find the best possible legal pathway for you to get compensated.

We can help you file a personal injury claim, assisting you with all the paperwork and schedules. Our sharp attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies and build a robust personal injury case to help secure the full compensation you are entitled to.

Contact an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer Today

For your injury claim after a California car accident, trust Libra Law Firm. Our car accident lawyers are determined to rally for you to get the financial compensation you’re rightfully owed. If you were injured in a car accident, contact our experienced auto accident attorney Orange County and Southern California at (888) 565-3214 and book a free consultation.

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