About Libra Law Firm

Southern Californians who have been hurt by others trust Libra Law Firm. Our firm has years of experience representing victims of personal injury, sexual assault, abuse, and police misconduct. We also help families who have lost loved ones in cases of wrongful death.

Through our tenacious work in civil court, we have obtained six- and seven-figure settlements for our clients, helping them recover financially and emotionally.

More than monetary results, our clients truly appreciate the family-like care they get with Libra Law Firm. We know how challenging it is to recover from physical and emotional harm, so we serve with empathy and kindness. When you call, we’ll pick up the phone. If you need medical care, we’ll connect you to our first-rate medical providers. When you speak to any of our attorneys, they’ll listen to you, provide clear answers, and care about your recovery needs.

Libra Law Firm combines assertive legal representation with sympathetic treatment of clients. This is the kind of legal service you need in your fight for justice. Reach out to us for your free and confidential consultation.

Achieving Justice

Many of the cases we handle at Libra Law Firm center on violations like rape or sexual abuse. These offenses may or may not be pursued as crimes in criminal court. What we provide our clients is an opportunity to obtain justice through civil court.

Criminal charges are filed by prosecutors if they believe the case is strong enough to pursue. Prosecution intends to punish the offender through the criminal justice system. Meanwhile, the survivor of the crime may file their own claim in civil court, with the help of an attorney. A civil case is meant to remedy the victim’s losses through appropriate compensation, and this is our focus at Libra Law.

Regardless of what happens with the criminal case, it is possible to pursue a civil case separately. A civil case may still succeed even if the criminal case is dismissed or results in a Not Guilty verdict.

The clients we’ve helped at Libra Law have achieved a sense of justice through their civil claims. Monetary compensation greatly relieves their financial burdens and allows them to access high-quality resources for healing. More than this, their success in civil court has given them a much-needed closure, enabling them to move forward in their lives.

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